Welcome to CMC University

Hiệu trưởng Nguyễn Ngọc Bình

Welcome to CMC University!

We are living in the “information age” with the outstanding progress of science and technology. The world is transforming in the “fourth industrial revolution” with smart production associated with the “knowledge economy”. Japan is in the early period of “society 5.0” – “super smart society” that many countries are watching … Whatever era or society, the human factor is always the most important factor, the decisive factor of many activities.

CMC University, formerly Asia Industrial Fine Arts University, has become a multi-field university. CMC University trains high-quality human resources, global citizens, digital citizens with professional and vocational skills to meet domestic and international practical needs. The school focuses on training in information and communications technology (ICT), Business & Management, Languages & Cultures, Art & Design… to contribute to providing high-ranking human resources for the needs of CMC Corporation and for other human resources needs at home and abroad.

The school focuses on encouraging students to study well, with ambitions and creativity in learning and life, with preferential and attractive scholarship systems. The school also focuses on training through practice to equip professional skills and accumulate practical experience. In 9 semesters studying at the school, there is a semester when students will practice at organizations in coordination with the school that are part of CMC Corporation: CIST Applied Research Institute, CMC Telecom Company, CMC Technology and Solutions (CMC T&S), CMC Global Company, Cyber Security Company and CMC partners.

With the advanced training and research environment towards international standards, CMC University is a reliable university, with enthusiastic teachers, excellent researchers in the country and internationally joining together. The school will train students to develop well in both professional and life skills, implementing the goals the school set out and committed, contributing to meeting the needs of higher human resources in the new era.

You are the people who make the success of the school.

Nguyen Ngoc Binh