Training program in 2022


CMC University - where the advanced digital transformation of a school was realized, creating opportunities for students to study and experience the modern educational environment
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CMC University - the first digital university in Vietnam

80 %

Commitment to provide employment for 100% of technology (ICT) students

50 B

Scholarship fund "CMC - Because you deserve" worth 69 billion

Information technology

The information technology industry is considered a key training industry towards the development of technology and science in today's digital era.

Business Administration

CMC University Faculty of Business Administration has 4 specializations designed and built to train high quality human resources in the field of business and commerce.

Korean language

Korean language is a specialized training in Korean language and culture. The Korean language has become a field that has a strong attraction to young Vietnamese in recent years.

Japanese language

Training bachelors of language with extensive knowledge about culture, society, economy and trade of Japan. Students in this field have a strong basic knowledge and expertise and ability to adapt to the multinational working environment.

Scholarship policy

Scholarship fund "CMC - Because you deserve" with a total value of 69 billion

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