Three Reasons to Choose Business Administration at CMC University

Three Reasons to Choose Business Administration at CMC University

In the context of an open economy and the growing trend of entrepreneurship alongside the emergence of numerous small and medium-sized enterprises, Business Administration has become a highly attractive field for many young individuals in recent times.

1. Multifaceted and Integrated Business Administration

Currently, Business Administration is one of the most sought-after fields of study, with a significant number of candidates expressing interest in registering for the program. CMC University offers Business Administration with three specializations: Business Management, Digital Marketing, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management.

Students studying Business Administration at CMC University are equipped with a knowledge foundation in management and business operations, with a focus on digital transformation.

ngành quản trị kinh doanh trường đại học cmc
Chương trình đào tạo ngành QTKD – Trường Đại học CMC cập nhật các nội dung, kiến thức mới của ngành trong thời đại hội nhập và cách mạng công nghiệp 4.0.

The Business Administration program at CMC University is continually updated to incorporate new content and knowledge relevant to the era of globalization and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In 2023, CMC University will introduce a Business Administration undergraduate program in a bilingual (Global mode) format, with 100% of specialized courses taught in English. This program is designed for students proficient in English, enhancing their language skills in a specialized context and preparing them for the international working environment.

Giảng viên và sinh viên Khoa Kinh doanh & Quản lý – Trường Đại học CMC thăm dinh thự Đại sứ quán Ba Lan và chụp ảnh lưu niệm với ông Alexander Nowakowski – Đại biện lâm thời nước Cộng hòa Ba Lan tại Việt Nam.

2. AACSB Accredited Program

In addition to emphasizing foreign language proficiency, the Business Administration program at CMC University is developed following the AACSB accreditation standards – a highly regarded certification from the United States that employers value when selecting candidates. Through this, students receive a high-quality education, stay ahead of trends, and gain a competitive edge in the global job market.

3. Integration with Industry and Career Opportunities

As a university within the CMC Technology Corporation, a leading technology group in Vietnam, CMC University is committed to providing employment opportunities for all students in technology-related fields upon graduation.

Sinh viên Trường Đại học CMC được đảm bảo việc làm tại các đơn vị đối tác quốc tế và công ty thành viên của Tập đoàn Công nghệ CMC.

Students at CMC University gain practical experience through the “Future Colleague Top 500” program, directly immersing them in real working environments of top 500 leading companies in Vietnam from their second year onwards.

Upon graduation, CMC University students can secure attractive positions with competitive salaries at international partners of the CMC Technology Corporation, such as Samsung, Microsoft, and its affiliated companies: CMC Telecom, CMC Global, CMC Technology & Solution, etc.

Scholarship Fund of 92 Billion VND for Talented Freshmen

With the sponsorship of the CMC Technology Corporation, CMC University awards the “CMC – Deserving You” scholarship fund with a total value of up to 92 billion VND for outstanding candidates in 2023.

Specifically, candidates with an average score of 8.0 or above in grades 10, 11, and semester 1 of grade 12 are eligible to apply for scholarships covering 100% of the tuition fees throughout their studies at the university.

Furthermore, candidates admitted to CMC University as their first-choice institution through the Ministry of Education and Training’s centralized admission system will receive a 20% reduction in the first-year tuition fee, while those admitted as second or third choices will receive a 10% reduction. This discount applies to the first three semesters of the first academic year and excludes English language tuition fees (if applicable).

For more information and inquiries about the 2023 undergraduate admission process or the university’s scholarship programs, please contact:

Phone: 024 7102 9999.

Training Facility: 84C Nguyen Thanh Binh Street, Van Phuc Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi.

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