The reasons for choosing CMC University

The reasons for choosing CMC University

5 reasons CMC University deserves to be the first choice for Generation Z

With the motto of continuous innovation and creativity, CMC University is committed to bringing an ideal educational environment, nurturing inherent talents and developing global citizenship for Gen Z – the generation of young people who inherit the quintessence of technology, communication strength in the era of digital boom. So, what outstanding commitments does CMC University have for Gen Z to secure their future? Accompanying with students and their parents in the sprint stage to choose the dream university, the Communications Committee of CMC University will reveal the top reasons why CMC University is a place deserving your choice of enrollment.

1. CMC University – the first digital university in Vietnam

As Vietnam’s first Digital University model, CMC University has been deploying the most modern IT infrastructure to serve teaching and learning, school administration and scientific research. Digital university initiative groups help students have complete experiences in the digital world; applying new technology in teaching (e-learning, virtual learning, AR/VR mixed reality…), digital transformation of student services (including procedures, examinations, assessments, learning materials, electronic library,…) to ensure the criteria “Paperless, Cashless, Touchless”. The learning environment is equipped with modern technological amenities such as: facial recognition system, body temperature measurement, abnormal behavior detection,…

2. Committed to provide 100% employment for students studying Technology in bilingual mode after graduation

CMC University commits to employment for 100% of students studying Technology majors in bilingual mode after graduating at CMC Group, Samsung, leading Vietnamese enterprises and major international partner enterprises of CMC Technology Group.

100% of CMC University students receive internships in businesses in the Top 500 leading enterprises in Vietnam (VNR500) and major international partners of CMC Technology Group with the philosophy “True internship – Good job” – Real assignment, real evaluation, real training.

3. International learning environment right in Vietnam

The training program at CMC University is built according to international standards:

  • Information Technology training program following ABET accreditation standards, ITSS-IP/FE certificate;
  • Business Administration training program follows AACSB accreditation standards;
  • Japanese Language training program according to JLPT N2 Certificate;
  • Korean Language training program according to TOPIK 4 Certificate.
  • 100% internationally imported textbooks from famous publishers around the world.
  • With the bilingual mode, students’ English proficiency when graduating is equivalent to IELTS 5.5 or higher, capable of working in an international environment.
  • Students are equipped with the Global Citizen skillset and the Digital Citizen skillset.
  • 100% of subjects have practical experience sharing from experts and senior managers of CMC Technology Group, Samsung and leading Vietnamese and international businesses.
  • Visiting lecturers from CMC University’s partner universities from the UK, Australia, USA, Japan, and South Korea.
  • Students participate in research projects at CMC ATI Applied Research Institute and at member companies of CMC Technology Group.
  • The content of training programs for all industries includes the participation of businesses and experts, to ensure that training content is linked to the practical needs of businesses and society.

4. Develop comprehensive skills for students with the PEP program (Personal Edge Program)

Understanding Gen Z’s top concerns in adapting to the digital age working environment, CMC University offers students a comprehensive skills development program for students PEP (Personal Edge Program). . Thereby, CMC University students are given the opportunity to learn and enjoy many unique experiences from studying, entertainment to extracurricular activities to develop their maximum potential. Volunteer activities and health training are suitable for the free, extroverted personality of Gen Z generation, not afraid to try new fields. The program opens up opportunities to upgrade Gen Z’s career with the series of visit and experience activities, exchanges and sharing with businesses (Company Visit Tour), CV writing skills training, interviews in a professional environment,…

5. Scholarship fund “CMC – Because you deserve it” total value of 92 billion VND in 2023

In 2023, CMC Technology Group awards the “CMC – Because you deserve it” Scholarship Fund, with a total value of up to 92 billion VND to candidates with excellent academic achievements in high school and National High School exams, won high prizes in international Olympics, excellent student exams, national and provincial/city science and technology competitions.

The scholarship levels are diverse, from 50%, 70% to 100% of the entire course tuition: CMC Liberal Scholarship, CMC Creative Scholarship, CMC Pioneer Scholarship.

Above are the quality proofs that confirm the success of the school’s training program. CMC University constantly improves and accredits teaching quality to be worthy of being a fertile breeding ground for generations of students, especially the talented, confident, and dynamic Gen Z that continues. Don’t hesitate to choose CMC University if you see yourself suitable for this environment!

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