Study Experience and Student Life

Study Experience and Student Life

For each student, CMC University is a place not only to study but also to play, entertain, explore and develop themselves, contribute to the community, integrate into a professional working environment, and grow up quickly, have a meaningful student life experience, establish a career and succeed early in your career.

1. Experiential learning 

Help students understand the purpose of learning, know what they are missing, what they need to learn more and how to learn to progress quickly.

1.1. Business semester 

100% of CMC University students participate in business semesters for at least 4 months and are paid salaries at CMC Corporation, Samsung or the University’s partners. Thereby helping students work at businesses like real employees or engineers.

1.2. Exchange semester abroad

Exchange semesters abroad ranging from 1 to 6 months help students develop global citizenship skills and accumulate credits. Each student can choose an exchange semester at one of the University’s partner universities in the following countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Australia, England, Ireland, United States, etc. Students choose to exchange abroad during the preparatory semester to improve English communication skills, or during the final year of study to shorten the time to study a dual degree, continue studying for a master’s degree or look for job opportunities abroad.

1.3. Startup support

As a university that encourages the spirit of entrepreneurship, students with business ideas or potential technology products will be advised, supported and invested by CMC University and the CMC Innovation Fund. In particular, lecturers and students can learn from the experience of applied research (R&D) and commercialization of technology products from the CMC Institute of Technology Application Research and exploit the ecosystem of CMC Group. CMC University supports lecturers and students in starting businesses through Start-up and Spin-off models.

1.4. Connect with the community

The Student Affairs Department, Youth Union, Student Association and student clubs of the University regularly organize programs, social and volunteer activities for students to participate, show compassion, and learn how to live together, think positively and contribute to the community.

1.5. Students conduct scientific research

scientific research

Lecturers at CMC University have scientific research capacity and are ready to welcome students who are passionate about participating in scientific research projects, including both academic research and applied research. . In particular, students with good research qualities will be oriented and nurtured by teachers to be able to continue their studies at master’s and doctoral levels and develop their careers in an academic environment.

1.6. Learning Zone

Learning Zones are projects, seminars, and group discussions that help students apply knowledge and skills to solve technology and business problems of specific businesses and use real data (for example such as analyzing the financial statements of a company listed on the stock exchange).

2. School life

Helping students experience, grow quickly and have a meaningful student life through diverse and professional programs, activities and student services.

2.1. Student clubs

CMC University currently has nearly 20 student-managed clubs, operating in the fields of technology, arts, culture, physical education – sports, social work,… to help you express your talents, qualities and personalities, connect with friends with similar interests, develop social skills, exercise physically or explore culture. You can propose to establish a new club when there are 30 members. Some student clubs can operate as businesses, solicit sponsorship or receive funding from the University to participate in organizing activities as ordered.

2.2. Student events

With the motto “college is not just about studying”, CMC University creates many dynamic and creative playgrounds for students to express themselves, release energy, connect with friends,… Many programs, events are held every year such as Going to the top together (mountain climbing), Youth trip, Blood donation from the heart, CMCU Talks, “BURN” music festival, Sport Day (swimming, basketball, soccer, Aerobic ,…), Japanese – Korean – Vietnamese cultural festivals or programming competitions. In particular, students can request the University to organize thematic events for student groups with different abilities and lifestyles.

2.3. Housing support for students

Understanding that every new student starting their university journey is starting their journey of independent living, the Student Affairs Department is where parents, prospective students and current students receive advice and support on issues related to housing and life outside the School. With a network of dormitories and student housing guaranteed to meet the criteria of quality, safety, convenience to the University, competitive costs in the market and managed by the University and its partners, students can rest assured and devote maximum concentration to studying.

Register for accommodation consultation here:

2.4. Support for student loans

In order to support students’ financial issues, CMC University and partner banks such as Bank for Social Policies, BIDV, Shinhan Bank,… are providing many loan packages to suit diverse needs. and they have low interest rates for the University’s students. Consulting sessions, application guidance and student loan experience sharing sessions are regularly held at the University so that students can easily access and use this form of financial support in a timely, quick, and effective manner.

2.5. Support students learning

CMC University implements the Mentoring model to help students have good study orientation, overcome difficulties in learning, practice self-study ability, develop effective study skills,… Academic advisors are lecturers and invited experts who have experience and the ability to understand, talk to and advise students. With the spirit of not leaving anyone behind, students who are slow learners or have not been able to keep up with the university environment are encouraged and supported in their own way to find suitable learning methods. Students with high qualities are given maximum support to achieve awards and high academic achievements.

2.6. Psychological counseling

With the desire for each student to achieve the best psychological state in study and life, the School provides a private space with psychological counseling services to help students feel comfortable when they want to express their thoughts, share difficulties, receive sympathy and advice. In addition, specialized talks on school psychology are held regularly to help students learn how to overcome difficulties, especially early stumbles, and always be confident in life and career.

2.7. Sports activities and physical training

With modern and well-managed facilities, CMC University provides the space, training conditions and necessary support for students to participate in physical education, sports and training activities. physical training, thereby improving health, endurance, strong will to overcome personal limits, team spirit, group leadership ability, etc. Every year, the School organizes many activities and movements such as football tournaments, basketball tournaments, running tournaments, swimming tournaments, etc. for students.

3. Prepare for your career

Helps students build a competitive advantage in the market, best prepare for their career and be ready for the great opportunities of life.

3.1. Visit businesses

With the goal of giving students a realistic view of the professional working environment and future career orientation, the School organizes business visit activities at CMC Corporation, Samsung and the School’s partners. Thereby, students can meet and discuss with business managers, learn about a day in the profession they plan to pursue, build a roadmap for themselves, as well as gain more experience and confidence, and future motivation.

3.2. Support for international certification exams

At CMC University, students are encouraged to take international certificates such as foreign language certificates (English, Japanese, Korean), certificates according to ITSS skill standards, certificates from companies and professional associations such as Oracle, Cisco, Google, SAP, ACCA, CPA, CFA. With an international certificate, students have an advantage in recruitment (both at home and abroad) and in applying to study abroad. To help students, the School organizes many orientation activities, experience sharing, study consulting and exam preparation activities.

3.3. Employment support

CMC University regularly implements career support programs and activities and career counseling to help students prepare for their careers. Each student of the School must complete mandatory courses on CV writing and motivation letters, internship and job search skills, interview preparation and interview skills, etc. Besides, the School cooperates with large enterprises (included in VNR500) and multinational companies to introduce job opportunities to students and support students to apply successfully.

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