Student support

CMC University Student Support Channel serves the vital function of connecting students with the activities of the Academic Affairs Office and the Student Affairs Office, spanning from enrollment to graduation. This channel is designed to furnish comprehensive information encompassing student life, providing assistance to students throughout their entire academic journey at the university.

The Student Support Channel is responsible for organizing counseling services, administrative support, and student management. It oversees the coordination of cultural, artistic, and athletic activities for students, extending its care for the health and well-being of students, administrative staff, and faculty. Simultaneously, it aids in academic advising, alumni affairs, and academic clubs for students. Additionally, the Student Support Channel plays a key role in guiding students through procedural aspects of document submissions, managing student records, issuing regulatory documents within the university, and organizing extracurricular activities. Through the Student Support Channel, students receive continuous updates on university activities, find solutions to their inquiries, and explore internship and job opportunities regularly posted on the university’s website.