Student Clubs

In addition to constantly cultivating professional knowledge, CMC University students have countless clubs to unleash their creativity, improve their skills and discover their talents. At CMC University, students are encouraged to join the clubs to to have their involvement in activities recognized, facilitating the evaluation of universities in the world when students transfer to study abroad or evaluation by recruiters in and outside Vietnam.

To become a member of clubs, students will have to undergo interviews or tests to assess competence and skills. Clubs under the management of the school operate in a methodical, professional manner and are places to train skills, creating style for students to practice and familiarize themselves with a professional working environment.

Joining clubs will help students equip the necessary soft skills and confidently step into work and career after graduation while accumulating more knowledge, skills, real life experiences, and unleashing their passion.

The clubs aim to improve the skills and qualities necessary for members, so that they can do well in any working environment. In addition to autonomy, students also learn how to work in groups, plan for events, communication and persuasion skills, especially expanding relationships to companies and employers who can support their career in the future.