Exploring Exciting Student Clubs at CMC University

In addition to continually enhancing their academic knowledge, students at CMC University have a myriad of student clubs (SCs) to unleash their creativity, improve skills, and discover their talents. At CMC University, students are encouraged to participate in SCs to be recognized for their active involvement, facilitating evaluations by international universities for study abroad or domestic and international employers.
câu lạc bộ sinh viên cmc

1. The Fire club

câu lạc bộ sinh viên cmc

The Fire Club is a home for volunteer warriors carrying the spirit of initiative with five criteria: “perseverance, pioneering, responsibility, unity, and sharing.” It was established to harness the role, responsibility, and vitality of the young generation of CMC University students. At the same time, it creates a positive environment with meaningful actions, hoping to contribute the strength, promoting the intellectual ability and compassion of each warrior to the society and community, in order to guide students towards a healthy and positive lifestyle. The Fire Club operates under the slogan “team is home, we are siblings,” with the spirit of “We are one” – the unity and solidarity among its members to contribute to building a better community.

Official Fanpage of The Fire Club

2. Creative Arts Club (CBC – CMC’s Brio Club)
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CBC is a gathering place for music enthusiasts at CMC University, providing a space for relaxation after classes. Established to create a healthy and beneficial environment, CBC helps members enhance their experience, knowledge, and indulge in their passion for singing and dancing. Participation in CBC includes various artistic activities such as singing, dancing, rapping, playing musical instruments, fostering connections through the language of music. CBC has actively participated in university events such as orientation week, Halloween, Vietnamese Teachers’ Day, etc. and will continue to grow and develop.

Official Fanpage of CMC’s Brio Club

3. Presentation Club – MC Talkative Club
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Talkative Unites – Confident – Shines Bright.

Presentation – MC Awakening passion, guiding intelligence

The Presentation and MC Talkative Club at CMC University has a mission to create a community of students passionate about presentations and program hosting. The club aims to provide a professional environment for members to exchange and learn presentation skills, develop flexibility in various situations, use intelligent language, and gain confidence in front of audiences. Talkative Club will be a place where you can experience and practice skills with club members, discuss with students as well as teachers and guests on interesting topics that the club brings, work together and help each other gradually improve soft skills and presentation skills.

Official Fanpage of MC Talkative Club

4. Fairy Art Club (FAC)
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FAC is a haven for CMC University students who share a passion for creative arts. The club aims to be a place for like-minded individuals to exchange, learn, and gain experience in the arts. FAC members can freely express their creativity through activities such as painting, crafts, and attending art exhibitions. The club has and is currently having many experiential activities that connect members. We will work together to develop the club stronger. FAC – nurture passion, connect emotions.

Official Fanpage of Fairy Art Club

5. CMC Media Club (C-UME)
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CMC Media Club is dedicated to students with a passion for communication. Joining the club provides students with opportunities to experience, exchange, and learn about content writing, photography, event organization, and creative communication… Thanks to that, students have more confidence, dynamism and creativity in study and life. The Media Club has been affirming its position through communication work, creating publications, and reporting for major programs of the School such as: Halloween Costume Night, Cultural Show to Celebrate Vietnamese Teachers’ Day, Talk shows exclusively for students – CMC-U Talk, Tet Fair 2023… The Media Club has a special color of CMC University, and has been actively participating in the University’s activities. In the coming time, the Media Club will continue to develop expertise, enhance communication, and constantly be creative to spread more beautiful and positive images of students and CMC University.

Official Fanpage of CMC Media Club

6. Books and Action Club
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câu lạc bộ sinh viên cmc

The Books and Action Club aims to cultivate a reading habit and a spirit of action among CMC University students. Club members who are dynamic students passionate about books, participate in interesting activities such as CMC Book Fair, writing anonymous letters to CMC Uni-ers, and organizing seminars on various book-related topics… The club is associated with the slogan “Welcome book lovers, you are among friends”.

Official Fanpage of Books and Action Club

7. Basketball Club (CBT – CMC.U Basketball Team)
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CBT is the gathering place for those with a deep love for the sport of basketball at CMC University, where members share a passion for the orange ball. The club was founded with the aim of providing a healthy playground for members to enhance their health and skills, satisfying their desire to play basketball. When joining CBT, you can showcase your skills without judgment, especially participating in matches against other university basketball teams and in school tournaments to improve skills and make new friends. The club is actively developing and building to become stronger in the future.

Official Fanpage of CBT (CMC.U Basketball Team)

8. CMC Programming Club
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The home for true IT enthusiasts, PC-ers carry a fervor for IT within them. The Programming Club creates a competitive and determined environment for PC-ers, organizing both large and small IT competitions, researching the latest scientific projects alongside talented PC-ers. Training, expanding relationships, working, and learning from experienced mentors and predecessors are all part of the club’s ethos. Increasing job opportunities for the future is a priority. Alongside these pursuits, fun activities and intellectual competitions are regularly organized. PC will strive to develop and provide the best operating environment for all students.

Official Fanpage of Programming Club

9. Swimming Club (CSC – CMC Swimming Club)
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The Swimming Club is a playground for young individuals passionate about swimming and seeking a “tribe” of their own. CSC, established to create a professional playground, facilitates members in socializing, sharing, and learning about swimming and life. With the slogan “Swim your way,” the club encourages creativity, respects differences, and supports each member’s development of their swimming style and individual personality. Joining the club allows you to learn various swimming techniques, whether you are a beginner or an experienced swimmer. With the goal of training all members to meet the Standard Swimming criteria of the Vietnam Aquatics Sports Association and developing a quality and professional competition team, the club will actively continue its efforts to further develop in the future.

10. Football Club (CFC – CMC Football Club)
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Passion, talent, courage, and unity are the hallmarks of the CMC Football Club. With members from the Graphic Design, Business Administration, and Information Technology departments, the club provides a platform for everyone to engage wholeheartedly with the round ball. All members share a common goal of personal development and bringing glory to the university, and everyone will strive each day to reach expected results.

Official Fanpage of Football Club

Why Join Student Clubs at CMC University?

Participating in Student Clubs helps students acquire essential soft skills, providing a toolkit for confidently entering the workforce and career after graduation. At the same time, students can accumulate more knowledge and skills, gain practical experience, and unleash your passion.

SCs aim to train and develop necessary skills and qualities for members to excel in any work environment. In addition to autonomy, students learn teamwork, event planning, communication, persuasion skills, and expand their network to companies and employers, offering support for future careers.