Reducing Stress to Cope with Exam Pressure

Reducing Stress to Cope with Exam Pressure

As the exam draws near, high school seniors are under a lot of pressure to focus on their studies and achieve their dreams of getting into university. Anxiety, stress, and fatigue are inevitable.
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Thí sinh cần chăm sóc sức khỏe thể chất, tinh thần thật tốt.

Balancing Study and Rest Time

Due to the immense pressure from exams, many candidates tend to overlook the importance of taking breaks. It’s not uncommon to hear of cases where students, engrossed in their studies, experience burnout, physical weakness, and even fainting. Therefore, maintaining a reasonable rest schedule is a crucial factor that students should prioritize during the exam preparation period.

Advice for students is to strike a balance, allocating time for both study and adequate rest to ensure good physical and mental health. Scientifically, a healthy body enhances concentration and efficient memorization.

Sharing Emotions with Friends, Family, and Teachers
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Another simple method to alleviate stress and pressure before each admission season is organizing group study sessions with friends. This is not only an effective learning method but also boosts academic morale. It provides an opportunity to relax, releasing tension with friends after challenging study sessions.

Additionally, before significant exams or annual university admissions, candidates often face mental pressure stemming from minor uncertainties, such as lacking confidence in their knowledge, choosing a career path, or selecting a university. Sharing these concerns is crucial for relieving the psychological pressure on each student. Family and teachers serve as the most trusted emotional support for students, offering guidance and helpful advice.

In addition to the intense pressure regarding scores, every exam witnesses cases of ” Man proposes, God disposes” due to objective factors such as psychological stress, health issues, or luck. This phenomenon has a long existence and become increasingly serious due to the intense competition among candidates with similar aspirations. Therefore, the early admission method, which relies on high school transcripts, continues to demonstrate its advantages, helping students reduce the academic and exam pressure to focus on their preparations.

Phương thức xét học bạ giúp thí sinh bớt đi phần nào áp lực học tập và thi cử để an tâm tập trung ôn luyện.

Student Nguyen Hoang Phuc, a 12th grader in Hanoi, shared: “To alleviate the pressure before the high school graduation exam, I applied for the early admission based on my high school transcript for the Information Technology program at CMC University from the first round and received the early acceptance notification. Therefore, I feel extremely confident and comfortable before the high school graduation exam.”

In the 2023 admission plan, CMC University plans to conduct five early admission rounds based on high school transcripts. As an internationally-oriented university invested in by CMC Technology Corporation, CMC University has received thousands of transcript-based admission applications since the early admission process began.

Final Early Admission Round at CMC University

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Đợt xét tuyển sớm cuối cùng của Trường Đại học CMC diễn ra từ ngày 01/06 – 30/06/2023.

The last round of early admission at CMC University is taking place from June 1 to June 30, 2023.

Expanding the admission methods at CMC University provides candidates with additional proactive choices. If you have a consistently high academic record across subjects, you can opt for admission based on the results of three semesters. For those focusing on specific strong subjects, the average score of these three subjects can be considered for admission. This means that, even without the results of the high school graduation exam, 12th-grade students can confidently secure a place in university based on their efforts throughout their high school years.

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Thông tin ngành đào tạo và chỉ tiêu tuyển sinh Trường Đại học CMC năm 2023.

Information on Training Programs and Admission Quotas at CMC University for 2023

The current and final round of early admission based on high school transcripts at CMC University is ongoing from June 1 to June 30, 2023. Candidates can apply for admission through two methods: by considering the overall average score of 12th-grade subjects or by evaluating the results of three semesters of high school (including semester 1 and 2 of 11th grade and semester 1 of 12th grade) with a minimum total score of 20 points, depending on the chosen field of study.

In 2023, CMC University (school code: CMC) is enrolling 1,300 regular undergraduate students for six training programs: Information Technology, Computer Science, Business Administration, Graphic Design, Japanese Language, and Korean Language.

Students admitted to CMC University at their first-choice position when registering with the Ministry of Education and Training will receive a 20% tuition fee reduction for the first year. Students admitted to second and third choices will receive a 10% reduction in the first-year tuition fee. This discount is applicable to the first three semesters of the first academic year and does not include English language tuition fees (if applicable). For detailed information, please visit: