Message from the Chairman of the School Council

Chu tich Nguyen Trung Chinh

Message from the Chairman of the School Council

CMC is a corporation which has so far 29 years of development, with a scale of more than 5000 personnel, with a strategic goal to grow to 10000 – 15000 people by 2025. We need great human resources to develop the technology field of CMC in particular and to serve the country in the process of digital transformation and modernization. Socially, the field of education and training is always the interest of the Party, the State and the people. Therefore, CMC aspires to invest and participate in this challenging field.

The slogan of the school was chosen to be “Towards Liberal Education”, “Towards Education for Humanity” as the late Minister of Education of Vietnam Vu Dinh Hoe expected. We also base on the philosophy of UNESCO – the United Nations Education – Science – Cultural Organization, which proposed “Learning to know, learning to do, learning to live, learning to be” as a guideline for our training activities. My biggest dream is to make Vietnam a powerful technology country, becoming a place to provide human resources for digital services globally.

The Board of Directors of CMC Corporation absolutely believes in the school leadership team, with the expectation of exploring knowledge, training high-quality human resources in the fields of science, technology and fueling innovation for the country, contributing to building a powerful Vietnam, and providing a lifelong learning environment for everyone.

We will go together to realize the desire to make CMC University a leading digital university in Asia, ranked among the top of the world in a number of new science and technology disciplines by 2033 and to become a world-class university by 2043.

Nguyen Trung Chinh
Chairman of the School Council