Korean Language


Korean Language

1. Overview of the Korean Language:

As a member of a university with a focus on digital education, students in the Korean Language program at CMC University benefit from high-quality learning services in a modern environment with a developing digital foundation.

The program ensures a systematic provision of specialized knowledge, fostering the development of skills and professional capabilities. Basic and advanced Korean language courses are taught in the initial stages of the program. Starting from the fourth semester, students are equipped with knowledge and skills through courses such as Korean linguistics, Korean studies, Korean language translation techniques, advanced Korean language translation, presentation skills, and job search in Korean, Korean corporate culture.

Students receive career guidance in the fifth semester and choose one of the two majors, Technology - Engineering or Business - Commerce, from the sixth semester onwards. Learners may undertake early internships at CMC's Korean partner institutions and complete their final internship at CMC Corporation. Graduates have the opportunity to seek employment at CMC Corporation and partner companies such as Samsung SDS, CMC Global, among others.

2. Accumulated knowledge, skills, and experience after studying:

With a faculty comprising foreign lecturers and experts holding master's degrees or above, along with Vietnamese lecturers trained abroad, graduates with a Bachelor's degree in Korean Language from CMC University can assume diverse high-quality positions. Notably, the two strengths of the Korean Language program at CMC University, Technology - Engineering and Business - Commerce, are suitable and timely responses to the future development needs.

Graduates in Korean Language possess practical skills and can apply their specialized knowledge in their professional practice. They excel in communication, translation, Korean document research, and have the ability to conduct direct transactions and interpretation in workshops and courses. Graduates can teach Korean at educational institutions or participate in scientific research in the fields of Technology - Engineering and Business - Commerce.

After graduation, students can take on various positions, including:

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