Japanese Language


Japanese Language

1. Overview of the Japanese Language:

Under the Department of Language and Culture at CMC University, the Bachelor's program in Japanese Language is designed to train high-quality human resources proficient in the Japanese language and equipped with knowledge and skills in the fields of science, technology, and business. Graduates are well-prepared to meet the labor market requirements during the era of international integration.

2. Distinctive Features of the Japanese Language at CMC University:
  • The program is condensed into 9 semesters (3 academic years), enabling students to save time and money, providing them with more opportunities to enter the job market one year earlier than those studying Japanese at other universities.
  • The curriculum adopts a modern blended learning approach, integrating both online and offline learning, offering students a unique experience in a digital university environment.
  • Emphasizing a modern and practical approach to education, the program prioritizes early internships at businesses, particularly at subsidiaries of the CMC Technology Corporation and partner companies.
  • After completing the foundational and advanced Japanese language courses, students delve into the two hottest sub-fields in the Japanese language world today: technology, information technology, and business commerce. Additionally, they learn Japanese interpretation skills and explore Japanese culture. Depending on their strengths, students choose two specialized majors to be ready for the highly competitive job market.
  • A scholarship program of up to 92 billion VND is available for outstanding students, covering 50% to 100% of the tuition fees.
  • Employment opportunities are abundant at CMC Global, CMC Japan, and other partners of the CMC Corporation.
  • The modern infrastructure prioritizes quality and copyrighted study materials in line with the standards of the Digital University.
  • The outstanding faculty comprises excellent lecturers with many years of study and work experience in Japan and at major universities.
  • With these prominent advantages, the Japanese Language program at the Department of Language and Culture, CMC University, is confident in becoming a prominent brand in Japanese language education. It aims to attract many students passionate about Japanese language learning, offering them an educational experience and success journey with CMC University.

Career Opportunities after Graduation:

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