Issuance of New Scholarships and Tuition Incentives: CMC University Empowers 12th Graders

Issuance of New Scholarships and Tuition Incentives: CMC University Empowers 12th Graders

Amid concerns over tuition fees, CMC University’s 2023 scholarship and tuition incentive policies are providing robust support for new students, motivating them on their journey to conquer the doors of higher education.

Experience International Learning Environment with Tuition Incentives

In solidarity with candidates pursuing their university dreams, CMC University (school code: CMC) recently introduced new incentives for early application and priority preferences.

Specifically, this incentive program supports students with a 30% reduction in tuition for the first year (semesters 1, 2, 3), excluding English language fees (if applicable). The total number of anticipated recipients is 400. Due to limited availability, the university prioritizes candidates who meet admission criteria and complete enrollment fees by May 31, 2023. Detailed information on enrollment fees can be found here.

Sinh viên an tâm trải nghiệm môi trường học tập định hướng quốc tế khi áp dụng chính sách ưu đãi học phí của Trường Đại học CMC.

“CMC University’s tuition incentive policy motivates, provides opportunities, and creates conditions for learners to access an advanced, quality, and modern digital training environment,” stated the Head of Admissions at CMC University.

Sinh viên Trường Đại học CMC được trải nghiệm môi trường học tập tiện nghi, tích hợp hệ thống công nghệ hiện đại

Secure Learning Experience in an Internationally-Oriented Academic Environment

Additionally, CMC University students have the chance to experience an internationally-oriented learning environment without excessive concerns about tuition fees. For those entering in 2023, there is a subsidized tuition fee of 30% during the main course, sponsored by CMC Corporation.

With this support, students only need to pay from 15.4 million VND per semester (depending on the major, excluding English language fees if applicable), and this tuition fee remains unchanged throughout the entire course.

Seizing the “CMC – Because You Deserve” Scholarship Fund of 92 Billion VND with High School Transcript Scores

In addition to early application fee incentives, the “CMC – Because You Deserve” scholarship fund, totaling 92 billion VND for 2023 at CMC University, attracts considerable interest from candidates and parents. Specifically, students with an average score of 8.00 or higher in grades 10, 11, and semester 1 of grade 12 are eligible to apply for scholarships valued at up to 100% of the entire course tuition.
học bổng trường đại học cmc

As per the 2023 scholarship assessment regulations at CMC University, candidates can apply for scholarships through various methods, such as GPA assessment, high school graduation exam scores, or achievements in National and International competitions. The scholarship prioritizes early applicants and those who prioritize CMC as their top choice on the Ministry of Education and Training’s general admissions system.

Speaking about the “secret” to securing a scholarship at CMC University, student Nguyen Thi Huong Ly, who received a full scholarship in 2022, shared with 2005 graduates: “Upon learning about the university’s scholarship information, I promptly submitted my high school graduation exam transcript. Utilizing strong subject scores in the transcript and applying early in the admissions process gives you an advantage in securing a scholarship at the university. As far as I know, for this year’s tuition incentive policy, the earlier you register, the more opportunities you have.”

Em Nguyễn Thị Hương Ly – một trong những sinh viên xuất sắc giành được học bổng toàn phần của Trường Đại học CMC năm 2022.

The fourth round of high school transcript-based admissions at CMC University is currently taking place from May 01 to May 30, 2023. Candidates participating in transcript-based admissions can choose between two methods: assessing the overall average score in grade 12 based on a combination of three subjects and evaluating the results of three semesters of high school (including semesters 1 and 2 of grade 11 and semester 1 of grade 12).
Are you ready to receive a 100% full-course scholarship from the “CMC – Because You Deserve” scholarship fund, totaling 92 billion VND at CMC University? Register early to gain an advantage in securing a scholarship at this link.

In 2023, CMC University (school code: CMC) plans to enroll 1,300 regular undergraduate students across five leading fields at the forefront of the Industry 4.0 era. These fields include Information Technology, Business Administration, Graphic Design, Japanese Language, and Korean Language, with three flexible admission methods. Apply for admission today at the following website: to confidently secure a spot in your preferred field of study and gain an advantage in obtaining full scholarships.

For inquiries, please contact the Admissions Consultation Hotline at 024.7102.9999.

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