Internship – Jobs

Internship – Employment is a channel of information connecting students and internship companies – partners of CMC Corporation. CMC University pays special attention to students’ practical programs, real-life experiences, including connecting to businesses to increase opportunities for students, while ensuring students’ employment.

The school has signed cooperation agreements with many large businesses and corporations, providing high-quality human resources to create conditions for students to have a professional and modern internship environment even when they are still in school. 100% of CMC University students receive internships in businesses in the Top 500 leading enterprises in Vietnam (VNR500) and major international partners of CMC Corporation with the philosophy “True internship – Good job” – Real assignment, real evaluation, real training. In order to promote cooperation programs in the field of training, scientific research, interning and recruiting graduates, CMC University students have the opportunity to access and get used to the working environment through job shadowing, internships and have the chance to sign work contracts if they meet the requirements of working from the school’s partner businesses.