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CMC University: Training for the Digital Era

“In the age of digital transformation, a sustainable training program not only needs to keep pace with the times but also has to meet the development of technology and the market after students graduate.” – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Binh, Rector …

Giảng viên Khoa Mỹ thuật và Thiết kế, Trường Đại học CMC đạt giải thưởng Nghệ thuật minh họa Báo chí và Xuất bản Việt Nam 2023
Humans of CMC-UNews

The faculty member from the Department of Fine Arts and Design at CMC University has won the “Vietnam Press and Publishing Illustration Art 2023” award.

On the occasion of commemorating the 98th anniversary of the Vietnamese Revolutionary Press (1925-2023), the Vietnam Fine Arts Association inaugurated the exhibition “Illustration Art of Vietnamese Press and Publishing 2023” on June 17th. At the exhibition, Master – Artist Nguyen Minh Kien, …

Humans of CMC-UNews

Announcement of the Results of the 2022 Associate Professor Appointment Review

Pursuant to Decision No. 37/2018/QĐ-TTg dated August 31, 2018 of the Prime Minister promulgating regulations on the criteria, procedures for reviewing and recognizing the attainment of the standards and appointing the titles of professor and associate professor; procedures for reviewing the cancellation …

Humans of CMC-UNews

List of Outstanding New Students Awarded Full Scholarships at CMC University in 2022

In 2022, CMC University allocated a scholarship fund of 69 billion VND for candidates with excellent academic achievements. Congratulations to the outstanding new students who have been awarded full scholarships at CMC University in 2022. Their names are listed below. LIST OF …

Humans of CMC-UNews

Ethnic Tày male student secures a full scholarship at CMC University

Ma Duy Long, an outstanding male student from the Tày ethnic group, has recently been awarded a full scholarship for the Software Engineering program at CMC University. With this achievement, Long will have all tuition fees waived for the first academic year …

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The top student from the Dao Tuyen ethnic group has been awarded a full scholarship at CMC University

Dang Thi Nga, a student from the Dao Tuyen ethnic group, has become the top student in the C00 group, securing a full scholarship for the Digital Marketing program at CMC University with a total score of 29.25. Dang Thi Nga was …

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Lecturer at CMC University researching on the globalization of accounting education in Vietnam in an international scientific journal

Dr. Nguyen Tra My – Lecturer of the Faculty of Business and Management of CMC University published a research on globalization of accounting education in Asian Review of Accounting Journal in August 2002. With remarkable achievements on her learning journey, Ms. Tra …

Humans of CMC-UNews

Chairman of CMC Group: Investing in education is the best way we express gratitude to our country.

Following this decision is a long-term vision and profound educational philosophy of Mr. Nguyen Trung Chinh – Chairman of the Board, CEO of CMC Technology Group. – Happy New Year, Chairman! But let’s start with the old story, with the ambition to …