Graphic Design Program


Graphic Design

1. Overview of the Graphic Design:

With the rapid development of communication and advertising, design integrated with technology and communication has become a trend. Graphic design, coupled with digital technology, has emerged as an attractive field of study, especially for creative individuals who enjoy working in dynamic environments. In line with this trend, the graphic design program at CMC University aims to train students capable of creating design products for communication through the application of digital technology.

After graduation, students can take on various positions, including:

2. Accumulated knowledge, skills, and experience after studying:

With an internationally standardized curriculum, students gain access to basic artistic knowledge suitable for art education institutions, enabling them to pursue higher education such as master's or doctoral degrees. The program equips students with a solid foundation in basic art knowledge, design methods, application techniques and the use of technology in graphic design, keeping abreast of global graphic design trends.

The integrated training method, using specialized textbooks imported from abroad and a practical application orientation, makes a difference for learners. Starting from basic graphic foundations and applying IT skills in graphics, students delve deeper into the process of ideation, sketching, technology selection, and practical techniques to create products.

Additionally, students are trained in hand drawing skills and digital painting. The graphic design program at CMC University offers multiple specializations for students to choose based on their abilities and career aspirations, including graphic communication, spatial graphics, interactive graphics, animation, and game graphics.

Beyond professional and specialized knowledge, students are equipped with cognitive and practical skills, as well as qualities, ethics, autonomy, and responsibility. They develop the ability to plan, coordinate, and organize learning and work. Learning is experience-based and relies on an ecosystem of innovation, creativity, with a harmonious combination of education, research, and business, creating new solutions to contribute to the country's development in the era of integration

Training Direction in Graphic Design:

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