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The seminar: “Training high quality human resources through the university model in the heart of the business”


About The Event

Information about the university-business model, the advantages for information technology students … will be shared by the speakers at the seminar on VnExpress, on the afternoon of August 11.
The connection between universities and enterprises in higher training is a common trend of the world today, especially for Vietnam, which is in need of professional and high quality human resources to meet the needs of the country’s economic development.

The seminar “Training high quality human resources through the university model in the heart of the business”, at 3pm, 11/8 on VnExpress with the participation of speakers who are educators and leading experts in the field of information technology, including: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Binh – President of CMC University, Mr. Ho Thanh Tung – CEO of CMC Corporation; Dr. Nguyen Kim Cuong – Deputy Head of Digital University, CMC University.

In the first part “Developing capacity of information technology students, meeting practical needs”, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Binh will make a statement about the role and benefits of the university – business model for students.

With experience in teaching, training management at KCGI – The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics), which is considered the cradle training technology talents in Japan, Mr. Binh will share more about this model in Japan, especially, for the information technology industry, how important learning must be accompanied with practice.
In addition, Dr. Nguyen Kim Cuong and CEO Ho Thanh Tung will make some suggestions to young people studying information technology, how to integrate the fastest in the business environment and meet the practical needs of the job after graduation.

In fact, in the world, the connection between universities and enterprises in university training has operated in different models depending on the choice of each school. This is also the main content of the second part of the seminar: “The university model in the heart of the business”.

The prominent motto of the university-business model is “training to work”. Therefore, learners in this model are aimed at the purpose of comprehensive development, solid knowledge and firmly grasp the necessary skills, capacity to adapt to real life, meet social requirements and their own desire through creative labor.

As the Deputy Head of Digital University, CMC University, Dr. Nguyen Kim Cuong shared about a technology corporation investing in education, namely higher education, has which advantages and challenges; the difference of CMC University in the course of operation, student training as well as building the team of lecturers … or the school’s orientation in providing high-quality human resources, meeting global standards, especially the information technology human resources.

At the seminar, experts will bring more information to help parents identify their children’s ability and interest in the information technology and career orientation, as well as the educational goals of CMC University. .

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Binh – President of CMC University.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Binh graduated as a Mathematics major, Applied Math specialization, from Kishinev – Moldova University. He has a master’s degree at Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan, a doctorate at Osaka University, Japan, recognized by the State-level Professor Council to meet the standard of Associate Professor in 2003.

From 2006 to now, he has made many positive contributions in the process of building cooperation projects in the information technology segment between Vietnam and Japan, directly participating in many academic exchanges and promoting cooperation activities in training human resources and research between the two countries. He held many important titles such as the President of the University of Technology – Hanoi National University (2009), Director of the French International Institute – Hanoi National University (2014), Professor of Institute of Integrated Science And Technology – Hosei University – Tokyo (Japan) and Professor, Vice President of KCGI – The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics) (2019). He currently holds the position of President of CMC University.

Mr. Ho Thanh Tung – CEO of CMC Corporation.

Mr. Ho Thanh Tung used to be a student specialized in Mathematics at Hanoi – Amsterdam Specialized School, achieved a silver medal at the International Mathematical Olympiad in 1988. He graduated with a Master of Business Administration from University of Washington, USA; Bachelor of Mathematics and Computer Science from Moldova University, Moldova. He has worked for 25 years for multinational companies, of which 15 years as General Director of Oracle in Indochina and Myanmar. He is currently CEO of CMC Corporation.

PhD. Nguyen Kim Cuong

Dr. Nguyen Kim Cuong has 26 years working at CMC Corporation. He used to be CEO of CMC Software Solution Company (CMC Soft), Director of CMC Institute for Application of Technology, Director of Small and Medium Business Solutions Division (SMB), CMC TS and a member of the Board of Directors at CMC Corporation. He currently holds the position of Deputy Head of Digital University, CMC University.

He had a great role in the key projects of CMC in the software field, one of the most important founders for researching and developing products such as eDocman, iLib, IU, CPC , C-contract.



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