Ethnic Tày male student secures a full scholarship at CMC University

Ethnic Tày male student secures a full scholarship at CMC University

Ma Duy Long, an outstanding male student from the Tày ethnic group, has recently been awarded a full scholarship for the Software Engineering program at CMC University. With this achievement, Long will have all tuition fees waived for the first academic year and subsequent years if he continues to excel in his studies. Despite coming from an economically disadvantaged background, Long’s spirit of academic perseverance remains unyielding.

nam sinh cmc uni
Nam sinh Ma Duy Long.

Hailing from Yen Hoa commune in Na Hang, Tuyen Quang, and belonging to the Tày ethnic group, Ma Duy Long’s educational journey is a relentless effort to turn the impossible into the possible.

nam sinh cmc uni
Nam sinh Ma Duy Long (thứ 2 bên phải qua) chụp hình kỷ yếu cùng bạn bè.

Duy Long comes from Na Hang, a mountainous district in Tuyen Quang province, growing up in a poor family of four. Both of Long’s parents are farmers, and the family’s circumstances are difficult. Despite the hardships, his parents always strive to provide education for both siblings, encouraging them to study hard to pursue their dreams. At the age of 10, Long left his family to begin an independent life at the Boarding Ethnic Secondary School in Na Hang district. Here, he embarked on a journey to fulfill his dreams.

From a poor ethnic boy to stepping into the world

During his four years in secondary school, Long consistently achieved first and second prizes in the district’s competitions. Particularly in the ninth grade, he excellently won the first prize in the handheld calculator math competition at the provincial level in Tuyen Quang.

Stepping into high school, he confidently chose the Tuyen Quang Boarding High School for Ethnic Minorities as the place to nurture his dreams. With the support of the school’s leadership, teachers, and Long’s own determination, he successfully completed 12 years of study with outstanding achievements, consistently earning the title of excellent student and graduating with a final exam score of 27.9.

nam sinh cmc uni
Em Ma Duy Long (đeo kính) trong lần dạy tiếng Anh miễn phí cho học sinh Trường Phổ thông Dân tộc nội trú THCS và THPT Na Hang.
nam sinh cmc uni
Duy Long trong chương trình trao đổi “Vietnam US environmental exchange program”.

Ma Duy Long (wearing glasses) during a free English teaching session for students at the Ethnic Boarding Secondary and High School in Na Hang. Duy Long participated in the Vietnam-US Environmental Exchange Program”

In particular, he was honored to be a student of the ACCESS program – an English scholarship program for students established by the U.S. Embassy in Vietnam. Long became an exchange student in the ‘Vietnam-US Environmental Exchange Program’ sponsored 100% by the U.S. Department of State. In July 2022, he participated in the exchange in the state of Montana, USA, for 2 weeks.

In addition, he also received the ODon Vallet scholarship for students with outstanding achievements in natural sciences.

The study secret of ‘difficult but easy, easy but difficult’

With the belief ‘Either leading or nothing at all,’ the young man from the ethnic minority always makes efforts in both studying and life. Long shares, ‘My secret is encapsulated in 3 words: effort, perseverance, and passion. I don’t let the difficult family circumstances hinder my education; the more challenging, the harder I have to strive. I believe that every effort will yield results worthy of the effort I put in.’

Duy Long in the ‘Vietnam US environmental exchange program.’

nam sinh cmc uni
Duy Long trong chương trình trao đổi “Vietnam US environmental exchange program”.

His parents are also a significant source of motivation for Ma Duy Long. When asked about the decision to choose CMC University, Long said he was very worried because he feared that the family couldn’t afford the tuition fees. Despite the challenging circumstances, his father was determined, stating that Long had to study to become someone, and he absolutely supported his choice.

Nam sinh Ma Duy Long tại Mỹ.
Nam sinh Ma Duy Long trong chuyến đi nhận học bổng tại bang Motana, Hoa Kỳ.

Conquering the Full Scholarship at CMC University

Long is honored to have won the full scholarship from CMC University for his chosen major – Software Engineering. ‘When I found out that I had won a 100% scholarship, it was truly an indescribable joy. Before that, I had been accepted into the Information Technology program at the Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology based on my academic record. However, I decided to choose CMC as the place that will accompany me throughout my years as a student,’ said Long.

Male student Ma Duy Long on his scholarship acceptance trip to Montana, USA.

In the first days at the university, he was truly surprised and ‘overwhelmed’ by the campus. “The university is very professional in its operations, and they organize activities for students with great care. I can feel the dedication in the eyes of the professors. Up to this point, I can confidently say that I have chosen the right university to build my dreams and future.”

Long said he would strive to achieve the highest academic performance to maintain the scholarship throughout his studies. Additionally, he aims to become an intern at the CMC Corporation soon, as his dream is to become a software engineer.

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