Cybersecurity – A Smart Choice for Tech-Savvy Gen Z

Cybersecurity – A Smart Choice for Tech-Savvy Gen Z

The imminent global economic downturn is expected to lead to ongoing workforce layoffs. Despite this, the field of information security and cybersecurity continues to assert its leading position in the digital age. This will be the top choice for the Z generation to pursue their career.

The demand for security and cybersecurity professionals is strong even in the face of an economic recession.

A study by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC2), cited by CNBC, of 1,000 CEOs from five countries — Germany, Japan, Singapore, the UK, and the US — found that nearly half of CEOs expect to lay off employees due to an anticipated recession this year. However, compared to the average of 20% in other sectors, only 10% of organizations are likely to cut jobs in the cybersecurity field.

In Singapore alone, 68% of organizations strongly believe that layoffs are necessary when the economy slows down. However, only 15% are likely to cut jobs in the cybersecurity field, compared to other industries such as human resources (32%) and marketing (28%).Latest LinkedIn job data shows that cybersecurity engineers and security consultants are among the most in-demand roles this year.

ngành an toàn thông tin
An toàn thông tin, an ninh mạng là lĩnh vực luôn “khát” nhân lực, bất chấp sự suy thoái của nền kinh tế thế giới.

Pooja Chhabria, Regional Editorial Director for Asia-Pacific at LinkedIn, said that the growing threat of cyber threats is also a major reason for the higher demand for cybersecurity professionals. The number of cyberattacks has increased in recent years due to political issues and the trend of remote working caused by the pandemic.

The percentage of businesses in each industry that are expected to hire more staff according to ISC2.

The field

The percentage of businesses expected to hire additional personnel

Lĩnh vực

Phần trăm doanh nghiệp dự kiến tuyển thêm nhân sự
An ninh mạng 42
Tài chính 27
Nhân sự 25
Marketing 28


This is why 42% of cybersecurity companies surveyed said they would hire more staff. This is also the highest number in all industries, despite the economic difficulties this year. However, the cybersecurity industry is not immune to dissenting opinions. A Citi survey in November 2022 of top technology leaders found that expected IT budgets in general are only expected to increase by 1.8% in the next 12 months, down sharply from 5.6% in the survey in September 2021.

However, cybersecurity remains a “top priority with a large magnitude” among the areas classified under information technology, Citi added.

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What choice for Gen Z to pursue Information Security?

In the field of information security, CMC Technology Corporation is not only a member of the Vietnam Cybersecurity Product Ecosystem Development Alliance but also known for being one of the first Vietnamese enterprises to own 100% of the cybersecurity ecosystem. As a member of CMC Technology Corporation, CMC University (school code: CMC) focuses on training in the field of Information Technology with 6 training orientations, including Information Security.

CMC University is a reliable choice for candidates who want to pursue a career in information security and cybersecurity.

ngành an toàn thông tin
Trường Đại học CMC là lựa chọn đáng tin cậy đối với thí sinh muốn theo đuổi về lĩnh vực an toàn thông tin, an ninh mạng.

Candidates with a passion for and strong knowledge of natural sciences, computer science, and a career orientation in information security may consider choosing the Information Technology program at CMC University. With a 100% job commitment at CMC Corporation, Samsung Corporation, and global technology partners, choosing CMC University will provide attractive career options for the future. After graduation, students can take on roles such as Cryptography Specialist, Vulnerability Assessment and Information Security Incident Handling Expert, Information Security Safety Engineer

xét tuyển công nghệ thông tin đại học cmc
Sinh viên ngành Công nghệ Thông tin nhập học năm 2023 tại Trường Đại học CMC được cam kết 100% việc làm tại Tập đoàn Công nghệ CMC, Samsung và các đối tác công nghệ liên kết toàn cầu sau khi tốt nghiệp.

Students majoring in Information Technology entering CMC University in 2023 are guaranteed 100% employment at CMC Corporation, Samsung, and global technology partners upon graduation.

With a training duration of 9 semesters, the Information Technology program is designed following ABET accreditation standards and ITSS-IP/FE certification. Students receive direct instruction from experienced domestic and international lecturers, particularly from experts and managers of CMC Corporation, Samsung, and other prestigious organizations. Additionally, a scholarship fund worth 92 billion VND at CMC University serves as a significant incentive for candidates with outstanding achievements entering the program in 2023. For detailed scholarship policies and conditions, please refer to:

Currently, CMC University is open for registration for academic transcript evaluation for the Information Technology program with an admission threshold starting from 20 points or above (excluding priority points). Submit your application for evaluation today to have the opportunity to receive a 100% tuition fee reduction for the entire course from the “CMC – For You Deserve” scholarship fund with a total value of 92 billion VND at:

If you are passionate about the field of information security and aspire to receive systematic training in this super-hot academic discipline, then CMC University is the wise choice for you. Quickly enroll at CMC University to seize the opportunity to unleash your career in the field of information security today.

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