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About This Course

1. Program Information 

– Program Name: 

+ Vietnamese: Công nghệ thông tin

+ English: Information Technology

Program Code: 7480201

Admission Combinations: A00, A01, D01, D90

Degree Offered: Bachelor’s Degree 

Duration of Program: 09 semesters

Degree Title upon Graduation: 

+ Vietnamese: Cử nhân Công nghệ thông tin

+ English: The Degree of Bachelor in Information Technology

2. Program Training Objectives 

2.1. Overview of the Training Program 

The Systems and Integration Orientation program provides knowledge about the development and management of complex systems in various fields, incorporating principles and methods from diverse disciplines such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, project management, and software engineering. Students pursuing the Systems and Integration Orientation at CMC University apply their expertise to construct and manage systems from individual components to create an efficient and reliable operational system. 

2.2. Knowledge, Skills, and Experiences Acquired through the Program

– Knowledge: Students receive education in foundational technical concepts, system analysis, and risk management, including basic principles of electrical, electronic, mechanical, computer, and network engineering. They learn methods for project management, planning, progress monitoring, resource control, system requirements analysis, system design, testing, and performance evaluation. They also acquire the ability to identify, assess, and manage potential risks within a system. 

Skills: The Systems and Integration Orientation program nurtures and develops students’ skills in planning and organizing work effectively, prioritizing tasks, quality assurance, complex problem analysis, and finding suitable solutions. Additionally, students enhance their communication and teamwork skills in a multidisciplinary environment. 

 – Attitude: Alongside fostering ethical qualities as a foundation for personal development, CMC University places an emphasis on cultivating students’ ability for self-directed learning, a proactive attitude, a commitment to continuous improvement, a spirit of innovation, a hunger for knowledge, and a meticulous approach during the analysis, design, and implementation phases of systems development. 

3. Training Program

The total credit requirement for the program is 132 credits, distributed as follows: 

* General Education Courses: 

(Excluding General Defense Training Courses and National Defense Education Courses)

14 credits 
* Core Knowledge Courses:  

+ Compulsory

+ Elective

32 credits 

29 credits 

3/6 credits 

* Field-Specific Knowledge Courses: 33 credits 
+ Compulsory

+ Elective

30 credits 

3/9 credits 

* Major-Specific Knowledge Courses: 36 credits 
+ Compulsory

+ Elective

27 credits 

9 credits 

* Internship and Graduation Project 17 credits 

4. Program Framework

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Triển vọng nghề nghiệp

Languages: English, Vietnamese
Career Prospects:
Systems Engineer
Project Management Specialist
System Test Engineer
System Optimization Specialist
Network Engineer
Software Engineer
Risk Management Expert
Project Manager
System Manager
System Risk Manager
Configuration Manager
Service Manager

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