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About This Course

1. Some information about the training program

– Name of the training field:

+ Vietnamese: Khoa học Máy tính

+ English: Computer Science

– Training program code: 7480101

– Admission combination: A00, A01, D01, D90

– Degree level: Bachelor

– Training duration: 9 semesters

– Diploma name after graduation:

+ Vietnamese: Cử nhân Khoa học máy tính

+ English: The Degree of Bachelor in Computer Science

2. Program Objectives

2.1. Overview of the Training Program

The Software Engineering-oriented training program provides students with knowledge revolving around the professional development and operation of software, enabling them to create high-quality software products that meet business needs.

By studying Software Engineering, students delve into the workings, processes, and testing of computer programs to meet user requirements. The program at CMC University emphasizes methods, techniques, and technologies in software analysis, design, development, testing, project management, and software maintenance, as well as applications of information technology.

2.2. Knowledge, Skills, and Accumulated Experience

Knowledge: Students are equipped with the ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, natural sciences, and the fundamentals of the Software Engineering field to practical applications. They can design computational systems, high-applicability software, and open-source software, as well as engage in embedded programming and software development.

Skills: The Software Engineering-oriented program equips students with the skills to utilize methods and tools for evaluating information technology systems, products, and technical solutions. They have the capability to identify, analyze, and solve technical issues in software development.

Attitude: Graduates in Information Technology with a focus on Software Engineering are cultivated with strong ethical values that serve as the foundation for personal development in both academic and professional endeavors. They continuously develop qualities such as creativity, discipline, a proactive attitude, and a sense of responsibility within a professional training environment.

3. Training Program

The total credit requirement for the program is 127 credits, distributed as follows:

* General Education Courses:

(Excluding General Defense Training Courses and National Defense Education Courses)

17 credits 

* Core Knowledge Courses: 

+ Compulsory

+ Elective

31 credits 

27 credits 

4/10 credits 

* Field-Specific Knowledge Courses:: 36 credits 

+ Compulsory

+ Elective

30 credits 

6/15 credits 

* Major-Specific Knowledge Courses: 21 credits 
* Internship and Graduation Project 22 credits 

4. Program Framework 

Kỹ thuật phần mềm

Triển vọng nghề nghiệp

Graduates of this program have various career prospects, including:
Software Developers
Software Testers and Quality Assurance Specialists
Project Managers and Software Planning Specialists
Bridge Engineers
Software Quality Assurance Engineers
Software Production Process Engineers
Business Analysts
Software and IT Project Administrators

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