Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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About This Course

1. Program Information:

– Program Name:

+Vietnamese: Quản trị kinh doanh

+English: Business Administration

– Program Code: 7340101

– Admission Combinations: A00, A01, D01, C00

– Degree Level: Bachelor

– Duration: 9 semesters

– Graduation Degree:

+Vietnamese: Cử nhân Quản trị kinh doanh

+English: The Degree of Bachelor in Business Administration


2. Program Objectives:

2.1. Overview of the Program:

The Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Smart Supply Chain Management) training orientation at CMC University is designed following international standards, incorporating insights from advanced global programs. Beyond emphasizing foundational knowledge in Business, Commerce, and Logistics, students in the Smart Supply Chain Management program at CMC University apply practical knowledge and skills in real-world scenarios at the CMC Technology Corporation and partner organizations both domestically and internationally.

This program enhances professional skills, applies modern technology flexibly, and develops language proficiency to meet high-quality demands in the Logistics industry, enabling learners to adapt to diverse business environments in the context of deep international integration. Studying Smart Supply Chain Management at CMC University is an excellent choice for dynamic, internationally-oriented individuals who enjoy experiencing and learning in an open, modern environment.

2.2. Accumulated Knowledge, Skills, and Experience:

Knowledge: The program provides students with foundational and comprehensive knowledge in the field of Logistics to manage, analyze, and operate supply chain activities.

Skills: Bachelor’s degree holders in Business Administration with a focus on Logistics and Supply Chain Management have practical skills and can apply the specialized knowledge learned to professional practice, especially in solving interdisciplinary problems in the fields of Business, Commerce, and Logistics.

Attitude: Bachelor’s degree holders in Business Administration are global citizens with excellent professional ethics, responsibility in their work, and a cooperative, positive, innovative, disciplined, diligent, open-minded, and democratic attitude.

3. Training Program:

The total accumulated credit hours required: 124 credits, including:

* Common Knowledge Block: 

+ Political Theory Group

+ Soft Skills Group

17 credits

11 credits

6 credits

* Field-specific Knowledge Block:

+ Compulsory

+ Elective

26 credits

22 credits

4/8 credits

* Knowledge of the Industry Group:

+ Compulsory

+ Elective

24 credits

18 credits

6/12 credits

* Industry and Supportive Knowledge Block:

+ Compulsory

+ Specialized Elective

41 credits

21 credits

20 credits

* Internship and Graduation Knowledge Block: 16 credits

4. Training Framework:

Quản trị Chuỗi Cung ứng Thông minh

Triển vọng nghề nghiệp

Expert in optimizing solutions in logistics and supply chain analysis
Solution designer in logistics and supply chain management
Logistics and supply chain management expert in a digital environment
Manager overseeing transportation, procurement, and delivery systems
Lecturer and researcher at mid-level, higher education institutions specializing in logistics, and certain universities.

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