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About This Course

1. Some information about the training program

Name of the training field:

+ In Vietnamese: Công nghệ thông tin

+ In English: Information Technology

Training field code: 7480201

Combination of entrance examination subjects: A00, A01, D01, D90

Level of training: Bachelor’s degree

Duration of the training: 09 semesters

– Name of the degree upon graduation:

+ In Vietnamese: Cử nhân Công nghệ thông tin

+ In English: The Degree of Bachelor in Information Technology

2. Objectives of the Training Program 

2.1. Overview of the Training Program 
Computer networking is a focused field of study that explores the principles of the Internet, how to design and construct a network system from local to wide area networks with global connectivity. At CMC University, students pursuing Computer Networking are trained with professional skills in developing applications on networked computer systems from intermediate to advanced levels. In the era of Industry 4.0, Computer Networking is capable of meeting the trends of modern technology development. Consequently, graduates are fully knowledgeable about the design, construction, and administration of Internet systems. 

2.2. Knowledge, Skills, and Experience Gained After the Course
In terms of knowledge: Students are trained in the principles of operation, characteristics, and technical mechanisms of data communication in computer networks and data communication networks; they have the ability to master the operational mechanisms and applications of communication protocols of telecommunications infrastructure and computer networks. 

– In terms of skills: The focus of Computer Networking training is to cultivate and develop students’ logical thinking, creativity, initiative, and rapid response. Simultaneously, it emphasizes enhancing the ability to concentrate well in analyzing information, finding solutions, and problem-solving. 

– In terms of attitude: Besides instilling ethical qualities as the foundation for personal development, CMC University focuses on developing the ability for self-learning, an inquisitive attitude, a drive for progress, and an unceasing creativity and learning spirit in students. 

3. Training Program 

Total credits to accumulate: 127 credits, among which: 

* General Knowledge Block:
(Excluding physical education and national defense education courses)
17 credits 
* Field-specific Knowledge Block:
+ Compulsory 
+ Elective
31 credits 

27 credits 

4/10 credits 

* Major Group Knowledge Block: 36 credits 
+ Compulsory 
+ Elective
30 credits 

6/15 credits 

* Major-specific Knowledge Block: 21 credits 
* Internship and Graduation Project Knowledge Block: 22 credits 

4. Training Program

Mạng máy tính

Triển vọng nghề nghiệp

Network and System Administrator in banks, data centers, Internet service providers
Professional Network Designer: constructing secure and efficient computer networks for organizations with specific requirements
Network Software Developer
Mobile and Wireless Network Application Developer
Communication Application Developer and Builder

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