CMC University: Training for the Digital Era

CMC University: Training for the Digital Era

“In the age of digital transformation, a sustainable training program not only needs to keep pace with the times but also has to meet the development of technology and the market after students graduate.” – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Binh, Rector of CMC University, remarked.”

Against the backdrop of globalization and the technological boom of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, higher education is the place where the workforce for the digital economy, digital society, and the development of science and technology is shaped. With a solid foundation as the CMC Technology Group, CMC University is oriented towards internationally recognized standards of education to prepare students to become ‘Digital Thinkers,’ ready for the changes of the future.

In the role of the President of CMC University, Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Binh believes that despite facing numerous challenges, the university is making steady progress on the path of educating the younger generation with the goal of “Real learning, real exams, real quality.” We had a conversation with Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Binh – the President of the university

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Reporter: Hello Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Binh! We are currently living in the fourth industrial revolution with achievements in digital transformation, IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), etc. So, what are your expectations for the younger generation, especially Gen Z students, when they are facing the rapid changes in the world?

Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Binh: Today’s young generation belongs to the middle generation of Gen Z, born during the Internet explosion. However, up until now, essentially, you have been users. When you step into university, you must learn not only to be users but also to create applications and tools for others. Therefore, I expect the younger generation to become increasingly proactive, always asking questions to develop and master technology. At the same time, as you enter the era of information technology and knowledge, find a dream for yourself. It’s not something distant but rather setting a task to explore, innovate, and affirm yourself.

Reporter: With that expectation, what directions does CMC University have for its students to become “digital thinkers” and be prepared for the “digital future”?

Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Binh: The orientation for students essentially answers the questions of what to learn and how to learn. CMC University has designed and developed a program that aligns with the current era and meets the aspirations of young people. Additionally, after graduation, students need to adapt to technological changes and meet the demands of the job market at that time. The second important orientation is to “place students at the center” so that they acquire knowledge, skills, and access to jobs as early as possible. With this orientation, students will find employment early, and even second or third-year students can participate in projects with CMC Technology Group or the Group’s domestic and international partners.

To implement this training program, the role of the teacher is crucial. The institution must have advanced teaching approaches. The term “advanced” here encompasses timeless, international, pioneering, and efficient qualities. Therefore, lecturers bear a significant responsibility. For this reason, CMC University requires its faculty to continuously upgrade themselves, innovate in terms of knowledge, teaching methods, and evaluation techniques.

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Reporter: With the advantage of being a university within a business conglomerate, how has the institution leveraged this opportunity in recent years?

Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Binh: It can be seen that the member companies within the CMC Group are always ready to collaborate with the university to create internship opportunities and experiences for students. Compared to universities outside of business conglomerates, this is a significant advantage for CMC University. The research and study activities of students not only have academic significance but also practical applications, addressing real-world issues. Member companies actively anticipate and provide opportunities for students to engage in the operations of the enterprises, as well as the Applied Technology Research Institute (ATI) of the CMC Technology Group. Through early exposure to work, students will have extensive career opportunities not only within the conglomerate but also in other domestic and international enterprises. The university also commits to providing 100% employment for students majoring in IT in bilingual mode at Samsung Group and CMC Technology Group.

Thank you for the insights shared by Associate Professor Nguyen Ngoc Binh!

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Trường Đại học CMC cam kết việc làm cho 100% sinh viên ngành CNTT

In 2023, CMC University (school code: CMC) plans to admit 1,300 undergraduate students for 6 majors: Information Technology, Computer Science, Business Administration, Graphic Design, Japanese Language, and Korean Language. Choosing to study at CMC University, new students have the opportunity to receive attractive scholarships covering 50%, 70%, and 100% of the tuition fees for the entire course from the “CMC – Because You Deserve It” Scholarship Fund, totaling 92 billion VND. Prospective students and parents can find information and apply for admission to CMC University on the website: or contact the Hotline: 024 7102 9999.

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