CMC University Students explore and access study and work opportunities in Japan

CMC University Students explore and access study and work opportunities in Japan

In the morning of November 6th, a workshop titled “Introduction to Employment Opportunities in Japan” was held for students majoring in Japanese Language at CMC University. This event was organized in collaboration between CMC University and Morikosan Joint Stock Company, with the aim of providing students with the opportunity to engage and directly interact with representatives from Japanese businesses. The objective was to enhance their understanding of the field they are studying and to gain insights into suitable career prospects in the future.

The workshop featured the direct participation and sharing from Mr. Mori Hayato, the CEO of Morikosan Joint Stock Company, and Ms. Trần Thị Diệu Linh, Secretary and External Relations Officer. Attendants the event from CMC University were Dr. Hồ Như Hải, Vice Principle; Prof. Dr. Nguyễn Thị Việt Thanh, Head of the Department of Language and Culture; Dr. Trình Thị Phương Thảo, Director of the Japanese Language Program; along with lecturers and staff from various departments, and students majoring in Japanese Language.

An overview of the workshop “Introduction to Job Opportunities in Japan”:

At the event, Mr. Mori Hayato, the CEO of Morikosan Joint Stock Company, emphasized that Japan is one of the countries with a labor market that attracts workers, especially young labor force. This is due to its high income levels and developed economy. As one of the technological powerhouses in Asia, Japan has a substantial demand for high-quality workforce in the technology sector.

“The cooperation between Vietnam and Japan in the field of labor and human resource development is growing significantly, making Japan a promising job market for Vietnamese labor, especially in the technology and engineering sectors. It is worth noting that this is also a key area of expertise for CMC University,” Mr. Mori Hayato shared with CMC University students.

Mr. Mori Hayato – CEO of Morikosan Corporation.

At the event, students majoring in Japanese Language had the opportunity to gain a basic understanding of Japan – the country known as the land of cherry blossoms. In particular, Mr. Mori Hayato provided an overview of Japan’s environment, economy, culture, education, and the development of cooperation with Vietnam. He also discussed the average salary for students after graduating from university in Japan. Mr. Mori Hayato emphasized that high-quality human resources are crucial for Japanese businesses to invest and cooperate between the two countries, Vietnam and Japan.

Students majoring in Japanese Language at CMC University.

During the workshop, students from CMC University had the chance to engage in open dialogues with the speakers in Japanese. Despite being first and second-year students, these students majoring in Japanese Language from CMC University demonstrated confidence when communicating with native speakers. The CEO of Morikosan Corporation was impressed with the students and answered their questions in detail.

In addition to the general information about Japan, Mr. Mori Hayato shared insights into the job search process in Japan, the characteristics that Japanese companies look for in candidates, and what it takes to succeed in finding employment in Japan.

In the final part of the program, students participated in surveys and shared their interests and personal goals based on their Japanese language proficiency. This allowed businesses to better understand the aspirations, needs, and abilities of the students, facilitating the connection of suitable job opportunities in the future.

With direct insights from the leadership of Morikosan Corporation, the event provided CMC University students with a more objective view of Japan and a wealth of useful information about study and work opportunities in Japan, especially in leading trending fields today.

Morikosan Corporation is one of the important strategic partners of CMC University. On October 27th, CMC University held a signing ceremony for a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Morikosan Corporation. The “Introduction to Job Opportunities in Japan” workshop is one of the practical activities within the long-term cooperation plan between the two parties, aiming to provide CMC University students with early access to job opportunities in Japan.

Established in 1987, Morikosan is a subsidiary company of the Yoshu Group, a conglomerate with a 90-year history specializing in the titanium and stainless steel industry. Morikosan’s headquarters is located in Osaka, Japan. Morikosan currently operates the WA.SA.Bi. brand, a multilingual platform that shares information about life, study, and work in Japan. Their motto is “by international students, for international students.” WA.SA.Bi. has more than 14,000 members from over 104 countries worldwide. International students who are members of WA.SA.Bi. receive valuable information about studying abroad, job opportunities, and daily life, as well as access to all the consulting services and events organized by the WA.SA.Bi. brand.

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