CMC Research Institute for Applied Technology (CMC ATI)

CMC Research Institute for Applied Technology (CMC ATI)

Established in 2014, CMC Research Institute for Applied Technology (formerly CIST) has the function of researching and training the application of new technologies in the fields of BigData, AI, Blockchain, IoT, Security, etc. through the provision of core technology solutions and the development of high-tech products. As a unit under the Research and Education cluster of CMC Corporation, CMC ATI has become a technology pillar in the strategy to develop CMC University into the first smart university, digital university in Vietnam as well as an environment for students and lecturers of CMC University to conduct research and practical activities.

Research orientation

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Big Data/AI

AI is a sub-branch in Computer Science. AI is a branch of computer science which is programmed by humans with the goal of helping computers automate intelligent behaviors like humans.


A distributed database that stores information in blocks of data that are linked together using cryptography and expanded over time. Blockchain is designed to resist data modification: once data has been accepted by the network, there is no way to change it.


Research the latest technologies applied in IoT @ SMART DEVICES


Robotics is a branch of engineering that encompasses the design, manufacturing, operation, and application of robots, as well as the computer systems to control, respond to sensor signals, and process their information.

Outstanding products

CMC Blockchain traceability solution

A product traceability and tracking solution based on the blockchain platform. The CMC Blockchain solution provides a seamless production flow for suppliers and transparent product information for consumers. Applications in product traceability and certificate management.

Face recognition CIVAMS

CMC Intelligent Video Analytics and Management System is a facial recognition solution developed by CMC Corporation, using intelligent image processing technology. The solution consists of three main components: facial recognition, employee attendance, and access control.
  • A video analysis and facial recognition solution that uses intelligent image processing technology and runs on a variety of hardware platforms (FPGA, GPU, etc.).
  • The solution provides the following features: face detection, identity recognition, statistics of the number of people entering and exiting, and control of automatic barriers for access control in buildings.

CMC Social Listening

CMC Social Listenin is a social media listening tool developed by the CMC Institute for the Application of Technology (CIST). It is a tool that helps organizations to capture information on social media channels.

A collecting and analytics tool that helps organizations understand what the online community is saying about their brand, products, campaigns, and services.

A useful tool that helps businesses improve their operations in many ways by tracking user comment topics.

CMC AI Chatbot

CMC AI Chatbot is a multilingual virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence. It supports automatic responses, mass and natural conversations. It is the Chatbot intelligent interaction system developed by the CIST:
  • High-precision natural language processing
  • The ability to understand complex questions
  • The ability to learn to improve continuously
  • Non-scripted chatbot with knowledge base
  • User-friendly building interface, multi-platform integration

A solution for reading and verifying information on the Vietnamese national identity cards.

A library that helps developers read and verify information on the Vietnamese national identity card (ID card) with a chip. It also supports the development of applications that can read and verify ID card information on Android and iOS platforms. Features of the solution:
  • Read all data fields in the new Vietnamese national identity card and verify the signature of the Ministry of Public Security.
  • Can be integrated with mobile and desktop apps.

CMC EKYC customer identification

Electronic Know Your Customer - a solution that helps identify customers electronically, to simplify paperwork and onboarding for customers.

The application is used for a variety of different identification documents: old/new identity cards, driver's licenses, national identity cards with chips, and passports. It is supported by a comprehensive ecosystem of the Institute, such as Ci.VAMS FACE