Choosing a university at the heart of a business, students build a strong career foundation as early as the second year.

Choosing a university at the heart of a business, students build a strong career foundation as early as the second year.

With a focus on experiential learning and personal development right from the early years of stepping into the university, students at CMC University not only master specialized knowledge but also acquire the essential skills for future employment.

Not just classroom hours

In addition to providing students with specialized knowledge through the latest curriculum, 100% imported from abroad, CMC University creates every opportunity for students to apply their knowledge in practice. Students regularly participate in workshops, exchange sessions, and practical experiences organized by departments and faculties, such as the Mathematics Symposium in Information Technology, Cash Flow Management workshop by the Business Administration department, exchange programs with professors from the I.C.Nagoya Japanese Language School, and more.

Furthermore, the training programs for all majors involve the participation of businesses with practical experience from experts and senior managers of the CMC Technology Corporation, Samsung, and leading Vietnamese and international enterprises. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Binh, the President of CMC University, stated: “The university is oriented towards ‘placing students at the center’ so that they can acquire knowledge, skills, and access to work as early as possible. With this orientation, students will have early employment opportunities; even second and third-year students can participate in projects of the CMC Technology Corporation or domestic and international partners of the Corporation.”

In addition to professional knowledge, students at CMC University also have access to the comprehensive skill development program PEP (Personal Edge Program) with activities such as visiting and experiencing, sharing sessions with businesses (Company Visit Tour), CV writing guidance, interviews in a professional environment, etc., aiming to enhance soft skills and provide a foundation for students to increase job opportunities after graduation.
hoạt động sinh viên trường đại học cmc

hoạt động sinh viên trường đại học cmc

hoạt động sinh viên trường đại học cmc

hoạt động sinh viên trường đại học cmc

Building a Steady Career for the Future

In tandem with the educational process, students at CMC University undergo a semester of internship with businesses. This period allows Gen Z students to experience, network, and adapt to a real working environment before graduation. 100% of CMC University students will be provided with internship opportunities at enterprises listed in the Top 500 leading enterprises in Vietnam (VNR500) under the philosophy of “True internship – Good job” – real tasks, genuine evaluations, and practical training. Additionally, CMC University guarantees 100% employment at Samsung Group, major international partner enterprises, and subsidiary companies of the CMC Technology Corporation for students studying technology fields in the bilingual mode. These opportunities serve as “golden tickets” in the entrepreneurial journey of students, particularly in the current highly competitive job market.
hoạt động sinh viên trường đại học cmc

hoạt động sinh viên trường đại học cmc

The CMC Technology Corporation currently employs nearly 6,000 personnel, with a strategic goal of expanding to 10,000 – 15,000 employees by 2025. In anticipation of future growth, Mr. Ho Thanh Tung, CEO of CMC Technology Corporation, stated that the corporation has an annual recruitment demand of 2,000 – 3,000 personnel. Therefore, there is a significant need for a strong connection between universities and enterprises to shorten the adaptation period for new personnel.

“The standards at CMC Technology Corporation are relatively high, both in terms of professional expertise and foreign language proficiency. Graduates from CMC need to possess skills that meet our standards before being employed by other corporations,” emphasized the President of CMC University.

Opportunities for Supplementary Admission in 2023

Following the conclusion of the first enrollment week, CMC University will proceed with supplementary admissions for an additional 120 slots across six disciplines: Information Technology, Computer Science, Business Administration, Graphic Design, Japanese Language, and Korean Language. The two admission methods include evaluating high school graduation exam scores and reviewing academic transcripts, with a minimum threshold of 22 points.

Procedure for Receiving Supplementary Admission Applications:

Option 1: Register through the online admission system of CMC University:

Option 2: Apply for admission directly at the following address: Training Facility 1 – CMC University, 84C Nguyen Thanh Binh Street, Van Phuc Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi.

Sharing about the decision to consider supplementary admissions, a representative from CMC University stated: “The supplementary admission of 234 slots will be the last opportunity for candidates who have not yet selected the major and university that align with their interests and abilities.” Accordingly, the deadline for supplementary admission registration is 5:00 PM on September 25, 2023. This will be the final chance for candidates who have not yet chosen the major and university according to their preferences and capabilities. The deadline may end earlier if the university has filled all available slots.

In particular, candidates who register during the supplementary admission period still have the opportunity to receive scholarships covering up to 100% of the tuition fees for the entire course during their studies at CMC University. In 2023, CMC University announces the “CMC – Because You Deserve It” Scholarship Fund worth 92 billion VND with values ranging from 50% to 70% to 100% of the tuition fees for the entire course (excluding English language fees). CMC University is committed to providing employment opportunities at CMC Corporation and Samsung for 100% of students in technology-related majors in bilingual mode joining the 2023 academic year.

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