Business Administration


Business Administration

1. Overview of the Business Administration Program

The Bachelor of Business Administration program at CMC University is designed and constructed to cultivate a high-quality human resource pool in the fields of science, economics, and innovative creativity for the nation. This program actively contributes to the development of a robust and resilient Vietnam, providing a lifelong learning environment.

Graduates of the Business Administration program apply fundamental and comprehensive knowledge of business management to practical professional settings, meeting the demands of the labor market in the context of domestic and global digital transformation and the digital economy.

In addition to a solid knowledge base within the scope of the Business Administration field, students are equipped with cognitive, practical skills, as well as qualities and a foundation of professional ethics; autonomy and responsibility; planning, coordination, and organizational skills for both learning and work. Business Administration students are trained in applying technology to business management practices, digital citizenship skills, global citizenship, as well as specialized language proficiency.

Especially from the second year onward, Business Administration students have the opportunity to choose specializations in Digital Business Administration, Digital Marketing, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management. The training program is designed to be engaging and innovative, incorporating modules that are closely aligned with current economic and technological developments, such as Digital Business Transformation and Innovative Management.

2. Upon graduation, Business Administration graduates possess the ability to:
  • Analyze the principles of micro and macroeconomics in the digital era.

  • Analyze contemporary situations and issues in finance, accounting, commercial law, international business, and marketing in making decisions in business management and personal life.

  • Apply knowledge of management and sharp critical thinking skills to solve complex professional issues in the modern and culturally diverse management and business environment.

After graduation, students can assume various positions such as:

Training orientations within the Business Administration field include:

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